April through my iPhone

It’s that time again! April went by pretty fast, didn’t it? Enjoy my Instagram photos of last month!

One of my Würzburg happy places. I had three of my tattoos made there. They’re just great.

Enjoying a little coffee/lunch.

BEST BURGER PLACE IN TOWN! If you ever visit Würzburg, keep your eyes open for “Burherheart”. Incredible.

Good morning, Alte Mainbrücke. That was a magical moment that I just had to capture.

Favourite breakfast. Strawberries, banana, granola and soy yogurt.

My baby stretching in our garden. She’s such a beauty.

Hitting more than 5000 Nike Fuel the other day. I love keeping track of my activity!

Yesterday’s outfit! Trousers and t-shirt by ZARA, denim shirt by Maison Scotch and of course vans. I couldn’t decide on a necklace so I just layered my favourite ones.

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