What’s in my bag?



Oh, I’ve always loved these posts so much (these ones and tattoo themes ones) that I just had to make this my second post. Am I the only one who just finds “What’s in my bag?” posts so wonderfully inspiring and entertaining? I hope you’ll enjoy mine just as much as I enjoy all the others!



Calendar and Notebook: Even though I’m quite a fan of being able to handle everything via iPhone I think it’s important to keep a real paper diary and notebook. I note my shifts in the calendar and workout plans and blog ideas in the notebook. Plus they’re super, super pretty, aren’t they? The diary is by frankie magazine and the notebook ist just some nice one I found in Hugendubel, a huge German book shop chain.




iPhone and headphones: What should I say. I pretty much live on this phone. Really, it’s my second heart and brain and I would be completely LOST without it. The headphones aren’t even so much in use but I like to know that I always have them with me, just in case I need them for anything.



Glasses: It’s ridiculous how blind I feel without them even though my eyes actually aren’t that bad. But it seems like I’m very sensitive when it comes to eyesight and it’s like with umbrellas. When I don’t carry it around you can bet that I would have needed them. So they’re a really essential. These ones are by Maredo.



Tangle TeezerGermany’s a windy place. So I like carrying this little beauty around to detangle my hair whenever necessary. I love the Union Jack print because I’m just such an anglophile person but I’m afraid it was limited edition if you’re considering to buy it. It’s a great little tool, though. My hair feels so amazingly soft after I brushed it with this thing!



Sunglasses: I have a weird face. It’s really small and pretty much all the sunglasses of the world are way too big for it. Except Ray Ban Clubmasters. These fit my face perfectly and I love the look of them and how they match almost every style of mine.



Purse: Clearly I alway carry this one around. It’s the Leonie by Liebeskind Berlin in turquoise and I love how big it is! I have a lot of stuff in there, trust me. It’s funny that I took the turquoise one since I’m not a very colourful person. I prefer grey, black, white, maybe some nice prints but this was an impulsive love-at-first-sight-buy. And I don’t regret it because it’s a nice tough of soft colour.



Keys: What’s missing is my car key. I took it off because the boy needed it and without it the whole bunch of keys is just way lighter. The key chains are from the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London (which is AMAZING! Go there if you’re a Holmes fan!), a ballet point shoe by BLOCH and half a heart of which the boy has the other half. Well, I’m a hopeless romantic. Can you blame me?

I hope you enjoyed it and I’d really love to read your “What’s in my bag?” posts if you did some! Just post the link below. See you soon! X