Here comes the sun


Wow, it’s been insanely warm the last couple of days. Before or after work the boyfriend and I just always chill on our balcony or in the park. You really have to remind yourself that it’s April, not July! I am absolutely loving this weather and I don’t want it to change. They say it will over the weekend.







These shots were taken over the last days. Having breakfast (soy yoghurt, quinoa/amaranth granola, bananas, strawberries, grapes = BEST EVER!) before my late shift and another day chilling in the park after my early shift and reading.
Oh, and I KNOW I’m wearing my hair like this forever and in almost every post but that’s because it’s my number one hairstyle. I have to wear it all back at work and the braids just add a little prettiness to quite a funktional hairdo! Have you been enjoying the early summer, too? X