Hello Internet!


Uh, the first one is alway tough, isn’t it? Well, hey there! I’m Katharina (old, long, traditional German name) and this is my blog “CHASING WONDERS”. I just thought for the first post I’ll do something like answering potential “Who the hell is that girl?” questions. Would that be okay? Not like anyone could answer, I know.
So. I am 21 years old and I am a German nursing student in the second year. I live in the beautiful city of Wuerzburg (I’ll tell you more about the city in an upcoming post) with my boyfriend, the most wonderful human being in the entire universe.
I am a HUGE fan of the blogging world so I decided to just take part in it. I love, love, love cats and owls and tattoos (got 8 myself) and English TV shows and good films and books and candles and a whole lot of stuff more. You know, I’m excited about many things in life and to me, all those small and big things are wonders. Wonders that make this amazing life as it is and if we choose to see those wonders as such the world can be a magical place.
So this is what this space is about. Showing you my wonders, small and big ones. In the language of the internet this is supposed to be a “lifestyle” kind of blog but let’s see where this goes, right?
You might wonder why I’m writing this in English. Even though German is my mother tongue I decided to be writing this blog in English. Firstly because it’s my favourite language to read, listen to, speak, think, everything! Secondly because I thought it’ll keep me trained in using another language than the one I speak everyday. It feels like a second mother tongue already to be honest.






So have fun reading my little blog and I promise there’ll be a next post pretty soon. So stay tuned! X
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