I did it. I ran my first competitive 10km run in Würzburg, the Residence Run, on Sunday with my friend Isa. It was hard because it was hot but I did it. And quite well I’d say! It took me 56 minutes and 52 seconds, less than an hour to run 10.000 meters and I am really, really proud of me.

The boyfriend took some photos but didn’t get many of the run itself because it was so crowded. The weather was pretty amazing so a lot of people came to watch.



Enjoying a banana protein shake and a whole wheat bread with almond butter and banana two hours before the run. An amazing protein booster! The right nutrition is extremely important when doing sports.


Beautiful Würzburg Residence. The latest 3 Musketeers film (the one with the flying ships that really wasn’t that good) was shot here and it is most definitely one of the most magnificent places in this city.


Placing my competing number.




Happy, proud and exhausted after we did it. First things first: rehydrate!


Happy after the beautiful day.

Thank you, Isa and Chris for the day and sticking with me throughout it. Even though it was tough and I suffered and had to fight through it I did it. And I will do it again. Only that time I will be better, faster and even prouder!

Did you ever do something like this? X