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August through my iPhone

September already! Enjoy last month’s Instagram snaps.

Late breakfast before my late shift today. #cereal #coffee #instafood #instacoffee #breakfast #vscocam
Breakfast one day. I could eat nothing but this all day every day. Seriously!

Yesterday's mango+banana+vanilla soya yoghurt smoothie with some nuts. Loved it. #latergram #instafood #vegan #smoothie #vscocam
Delicious mango banana vanilla smoothie with nuts I had after a workout. It was SO good!

Baked a #vegan #cheesecake for my station because I have I leave on Friday. It's my first try and I have no idea how it tastes yet but I think it does look quite good. #baking #cake #food #instafood #vscocam
Vegan cheesecake I baked for my last station. I didn’t tell anyone that it was vegan and until I told them no one had recognized. I really liked it, too.

There's a new vegetarian/vegan food shop in Würzburg and I REALLY FREAKING LOVE IT! They have the best falafel wraps and other dishes and everything is bio and handmade and amazing. And those vegan brownies are heaven. #würzburg #veggiebros #vegan #food #
There’s this new vegetarian/vegan place in Würzburg called “Veggie Bros” and they have the best. food. ever. I could eat those vegan brownies everyday. They’re from heaven.

Tried some texture with my cloud nine wand today. I feel quite messy, to be honest. But I like this. #hair #messyhair #brunette #girl #cloudnine #vscocam
Waves I tried the other day with my Cloud Nine wand. I quite like the way they look but I’m too lazy most of the time. I wish I wasn’t.

Off day cuddles with my love @kruetzi390. ♡ #love #boyfriend #boy #couple #vscocam
The boy and I. I love this beautiful man.

#vscocam #food #vegan #whatveganseat #ichbinpeta2 #vegansofinstagram #instafood
Dinner! My creation. Quite tasty!

Behold our very first own tomatoes! They're absolutely delicious. #food #veggie #vscocam #potd
Behold our very fist own tomatoes! They tasted so much better than bought ones, I swear.

It took us six hours, about ten people living in this house, four policemen, three firefighters (who did noting at all) to save this little guy/girl. It cost nerves but we did it.
We called him Weasley. This tiny kitty got lost in the garage of our house and we spent 6 (yes, SIX!) hours saving it. We couldn’t keep it which broke our hearts but he’s save now with a friend who takes very good care of him. Still, we both wish we could have kept him. We spent so much time and energy saving that little guy, it was hard to let go.

Good morning. Almond cappuccino and vegan cookie from my favourite bakery in town. #coffee #vegan #vegansofinstagram #birkenstocks #fromwhereistand #morning #vscocam
An almond milk cappuccino I had the other day before nursing school.



July through my iPhone

Another month has gone by and that means what? Right. Time for a new Instagram posts! I’m quite active on there so follow me if you like! Let’s get started.

Just did my first 6km run after three weeks and now I'm completely dead. #running #nike #fitness #fit #sports #vscocam
After an exhausting run.

#Würzburg #morning #nofilter #altemainbrücke
A beautiful sunrise over one of my favourite places in Würzburg. Alte Mainbrücke.

Ootd and a photo bombing boyfriend. ♡ really loving this! #ootd #zara #vila #photobomb #boyfriend #love #couple #vscocam
An OOTD which my lovely boyfriend photobombed. Isn’t he just adorable?

#vscocam #vegan #ichbinpeta2 #wunschlosglücklich #würzburg
Amazing vegan lunch at Wunschlos Glücklich!

#vscocam #musical #miladydewinter #passion #3musketiere
Me in full costume and make up on a photoshoot for the musical I play in. With my lovely Flora.

Work in progress. This is supposed to become a #VitoSweater by @weareknitters and I'm genuinely scared that I am too stupid to do it. Let's see how it turns out! #weareknitters #knitting #diy #vscocam
Started knitting again! Studying for nursing school is eating my time right now but I can’t wait to knit more again.

After work iced soya cafe latte. Oh yes. #coffee #vscocam
A well deserved iced soya latte after an early shift.

As recommended by @katinkerbell_ :) #divergent #reading #books #vscocam
I just read it after Kathi, my lovely second self, recommended it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Seriously, I couldn’t put it down.

LOVING my new glasses by @municeyewear_! This is the 869 in Dark Havanna (251) and it's just the most perfectly fitting and lightest pair of specs I've ever owned. #glasses #municeyewear #vscocam
My new glasses by Munic Eyewear. They’re the most comfortable a glasses I have ever owned and I can easily wear them for an entire day without any pain or headache.

This is SO good! #soypresso #coffee #vegan #vegansofinstagram #ichbinpeta2  #vscocam
A Soypresso for in between everything.

Morning. Addicted to blueberries lately. #breakfast #food #eathealthy #vegan #vegansofinstagram #ichbinpeta2 #instafood #vscocam #coffee #morning #toomanyhashtags
Breakfast. I’m having a serious blueberry addiction.

I love this place. #würzburg #nofilter #city
Würzburg city the other day. No filter. I love this place.

Vegan Birkenstocks 2.0! They're actually from the Autumn/Winter collection and not available yet but our local Birkenstock shop had them and I couldn't resist. It's the Arizona I longed for and even though I might have needed them a size bigger I love the
New in (FINALLY!): vegan Birkenstock Arizona. They’re from the Autumn/Winter Collection 2014/15 but our local shop had them and I couldn’t resist.

Wow, those were many, weren’t they? Choosing from all the photos I took was particularly hard this time.  I hope you enjoyed it! X

May through my iPhone

May went by quickly again, didn’t it? Enjoy my month through the lens of my iPhone.

My first order from LikeLife! A Cologne based fashion label with the most amazing shirts. And they only use vegan colours which is a huge plus. Check them out!

The Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop. This seriously is the best hand creme in the universe. I have a lot of trouble with dry hands because I have to disinfect them so much at work. This is pretty much the only product that had helped so far.

A selfie.

Found an accidental heart on Main river the other day. I love little wonders like this. They always brighten my day.

I LOVE tote bags. This one by peta2 is my current favourite. I like wearing my beliefs.

Enjoying soft summer nights on our balcony.

On Würzburger Stadtstrand (translate in English: city beach) the other day. A refreshing drink on a hot day. It felt like summer. Wonderful.

Couldn’t resist and got a Casio. I love this watch. It’s slim, stylish and just amazing.

Wearing my favourite new dress by VILA. I first saw that iPhone case by Alphabet Bags on Hello October (my absolute favourite blog) and just HAD to get it myself.

Vegan pasta I made just a few days ago. I improvised with the veggies I had and it turned out pretty tasty! I hope I can remember how I did it.

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