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Fortress Friends


This week two friends from home came to visit us in Würzburg which was simply amazing. We ate (a lot!), strolled around the city and went up all the stairs to Marienberg Fortress. The view from up there is incredible. It’s easily one of my favourite places in Würzburg. You can imagine how it was back when dukes and duchesses lived up there. We were lucky with the weather: shorts and t-shirt without freezing!
The first picture above is actually one of my most loved ones with the boy. Can’t tell you what it is that makes this one so special. It just reflects us pretty well, I’d say.
Thank you, guys, for visiting and making the last days so beautiful!


Diese Woche kamen Freunde aus dem Westerwald zu Besuch und es war einfach wundervoll. Viel gegessen, durch die Stadt gewandert und tatsächlich die gefühlt eine Million Stufen hoch zur Festung Marienberg marschiert! Die Aussicht von da oben ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Auf jeden Fall einer meiner Lieblingsplätze in Würzburg. Man kann sich einfach total vorstellen wie es früher war als noch Grafen und Gräfinnen da gewohnt haben. Außerdem hatten wir riesiges Glück mit dem Wetter: Shorts und T-Shirt ohne zu erfrieren, und zwar problemlos!
Ich liebe dieses Foto vom Freund und mir. Definitiv eins meiner all time favourites. Keine Ahnung, warum. Es beschreibt uns irgendwie total gut.
Danke, dass ihr da ward, ihr Lieben, und die letzten Tage so schön gemacht haben!


Shirt – Zara (two or three years old) • Shorts – Vila • Vans Era Sneakers • Sunglasses – Ray Ban Clubmaster








I love this man. How handsome is he?!
Wow, that was a photo heavy post, wasn’t it? X


Easy Saturday






So I’m home in the Westerwald at my parents’ place and it’s just a usual Saturday. Musical rehearsal and chilling. I’m wearing my favourite comfy pieces (again): Vila sweater, Billabong shorts and, of course, Vans. Sensing a pattern here? Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Easter with your families. X

off the wall


I love Vans. I think they’re the coolest, most comfortable shoes and I could walk around in them forever. Also I love cats. No, that is not entirely correct. I am absolutely CRAZY about cats. I’ll probably end up like the crazy cat lady of The Simpsons one day. Completely mad but owner of about a million cats.

So when I was randomly browsing the Vans website to check if there are any new nice things, I found them. Vans with cats on them. I’ll say that again. VANS WITH CATS ON THEM! A.k.a. the most perfect shoes in the entire world! How couldn’t I have bought them? How? No way. These shoes belong on my feet and I swear, I will never take them off. Also they’re for a good cause being inspired by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty on Animals. So how couldn’t you love them?



That nice shirt was there, too, and I just fell in love with it. It’s so cool and easy and I just really liked it.


So what about you? Are you as crazy about cats and Vans as I am? X