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August through my iPhone

September already! Enjoy last month’s Instagram snaps.

Late breakfast before my late shift today. #cereal #coffee #instafood #instacoffee #breakfast #vscocam
Breakfast one day. I could eat nothing but this all day every day. Seriously!

Yesterday's mango+banana+vanilla soya yoghurt smoothie with some nuts. Loved it. #latergram #instafood #vegan #smoothie #vscocam
Delicious mango banana vanilla smoothie with nuts I had after a workout. It was SO good!

Baked a #vegan #cheesecake for my station because I have I leave on Friday. It's my first try and I have no idea how it tastes yet but I think it does look quite good. #baking #cake #food #instafood #vscocam
Vegan cheesecake I baked for my last station. I didn’t tell anyone that it was vegan and until I told them no one had recognized. I really liked it, too.

There's a new vegetarian/vegan food shop in Würzburg and I REALLY FREAKING LOVE IT! They have the best falafel wraps and other dishes and everything is bio and handmade and amazing. And those vegan brownies are heaven. #würzburg #veggiebros #vegan #food #
There’s this new vegetarian/vegan place in Würzburg called “Veggie Bros” and they have the best. food. ever. I could eat those vegan brownies everyday. They’re from heaven.

Tried some texture with my cloud nine wand today. I feel quite messy, to be honest. But I like this. #hair #messyhair #brunette #girl #cloudnine #vscocam
Waves I tried the other day with my Cloud Nine wand. I quite like the way they look but I’m too lazy most of the time. I wish I wasn’t.

Off day cuddles with my love @kruetzi390. ♡ #love #boyfriend #boy #couple #vscocam
The boy and I. I love this beautiful man.

#vscocam #food #vegan #whatveganseat #ichbinpeta2 #vegansofinstagram #instafood
Dinner! My creation. Quite tasty!

Behold our very first own tomatoes! They're absolutely delicious. #food #veggie #vscocam #potd
Behold our very fist own tomatoes! They tasted so much better than bought ones, I swear.

It took us six hours, about ten people living in this house, four policemen, three firefighters (who did noting at all) to save this little guy/girl. It cost nerves but we did it.
We called him Weasley. This tiny kitty got lost in the garage of our house and we spent 6 (yes, SIX!) hours saving it. We couldn’t keep it which broke our hearts but he’s save now with a friend who takes very good care of him. Still, we both wish we could have kept him. We spent so much time and energy saving that little guy, it was hard to let go.

Good morning. Almond cappuccino and vegan cookie from my favourite bakery in town. #coffee #vegan #vegansofinstagram #birkenstocks #fromwhereistand #morning #vscocam
An almond milk cappuccino I had the other day before nursing school.



Weekly Inspiration #13

I love putting together my inspiration posts. I never fail to post them as you might have already figured. 😉 Enjoy this week’s favourites!

This is as basic as it gets but I love everything. Jeans, shirt, hair, shades, rings. Amazing.


THAT FONT! I think this is the most beautiful tattoo font I have ever seen.

That isn’t exactly fit but I just had to share that amazing vegan pancake recipe from Fitsugar. It’s so simple!

I’m great at letting my insecurities rule over my bravery but I’m working on changing that. Wish me luck.

I’ve rediscovered knitting! That’s a cardigan by WE ARE KNITTERS, my favorite website for knitting inspiration, wool, tutorials and everything. I’d love to make this one but I think it’s a bit too difficult for me.

What inspired you? X

LUSH haul


I’ve never been to LUSH before even though I walk past it every single day. The smell coming out of the shop kind of scared me off because it’s quite intense. If you’ve ever walked past a LUSH shop you probable know what I mean. But considering the fact that I support pretty much everything they stand for I decided to give it a try. I was desperately looking for a vegan shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, so why not LUSH? A huge bonus was that they tag their vegan products which makes this whole thing a LOT quicker. I went for the BIG sea salt shampoo, the VEGANESE conditioner and the VANILLA DEE-LITE hand and body lotion. And because you can never have enough sea salt sprays I had to take that one, too.
I can’t tell if I like the things or not because I have to try them for some time before I can set my mind on an opinion. But I’ll definitely let you guys


Ich war ja noch nie bei LUSH. Und das, obwohl ich jeden Tag dran vorbei lauf. Ich find den Geruch so krass, der da rauskommt. Das hat mich immer abgeschreckt. Wer schon mal an einem LUSH Laden vorbei gelaufen ist weiß vermutlich ganz genau, was ich meine. Aber in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass ich alles unterstütze, wofür sie stehen, hatte ich beschlossen, mal was davon auszuprobieren. Ich war sowieso auf der Suche nach veganem Shampoo, Conditioner und Bodylotion, warum also nicht mal LUSH ausprobieren. Die kennzeichnen ihre veganen Artikel, was einfach der Hammer ist, weil es die ganze Sache wesentlich schneller und einfacher macht. Ein dicker Bonus also. Mitgenommen habe ich das BIG Shampoo, den VEGANESE conditioner und die VANILLE DEE-LITE Bodylotion. Und weil man ja bekanntlich nie genug Sea Salt Sprays haben kann, musste das leider auch noch mir.
Wie ich die Sachen finde kann ich erst nach einer gewissen Zeit sagen. Ich brauch immer ein bisschen bis ich mich bei so was festlegen kann, aber ich sag euch natürlich Bescheid!






Have you ever tried LUSH? What did you think? X



Not much to say today. This is me enjoying my after work coffee with almond milk (the BEST) before heading to a Biergarten (is there an English equivalent? Beer garden?) to watch GER vs. USA (WHICH WE WON! YAY!).

I’d definitely recommend reading Times They Changin’ latest post. Read it and then think about it. Just do it.

Hab nichts zu sagen heute. Feierabendkaffee mit Mandelmich, das beste Getränk der Welt und dann ab in den Biergarten zum Fußball gucken. Wir haben zwar gewonnen, aber Weltmeister wird man so nicht. Dennoch: Weiter so, Jungs!
Lest übrigens mal den neuen Post von Times They Changin’. Lesen, drüber nachdenken. Einfach machen.



Sunday Thoughts


Call me childish but I want to change the world. You know, when I grow up. I want to save the world. Humanity, animals, environment, everything.
I wish there was a manual for how to save the world. Being a nurse and a vegan I feel like I am making a teeny tiny difference but I want to make something big. I want to make the world a better place for everyone and I am still trying to figure out how I am supposed to do that. Any tips would be appreciated.

On my decision to become vegan: I’ve been thinking about this for a very, very long time but admittedly lacked the final discipline to actually do it. After reading a lot of books and informing myself on the PETA websites (the German ones), I finally decided to go through with it about a month ago. No animal products in my food, no new leather things, no products that were tested on animals and so on. And so far I can tell you that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made so far. I keep reading things about it and that makes be more sure of my new way of life every day.

I know I can’t change the world over night and all by myself. But I want to make my life on this wonderful planet count and I will never stop trying to find a way to do that.


Sorry if this rather thoughtful post bored you. Do you have these kind of thoughts, too, sometimes? Oh, I’ve made a change to the header to make the design even more minimal and I do like it. I hope you do, too! X

P.S. Photos via Pinterest.