Spoiler: the message of this post is: move, guys. Doing sports is amazing and you’ll never feel better. A parol.

I’ve done quite some sports all my life. But never really, you know? Not as much as I do now. In January this year, when my final pair of trousers bursted because I’ve gotten pretty fat the previous few months, I decided that it’s time to change something. That’s when I started the Freeletics Cardio Coach. I’ll do a whole post on Freeletics in three weeks because that’s when I hill have finished the Coach. Just so much: it opened my eyes for movement and nutrition and I’ve never felt as good and healthy as I do now.

Eating clean is extremely important and even though it’s really hard sometimes (I’m a lover of everything sweet and, you should know) it pays off! Going on the sports ground five to six times a week has become an addiction and I already feel bad when I don’t move one day. Working in a hospital I walk around a lot but being active like that is a completely different thing and I just need to tell you:
DO SPORTS! BE ACTIVE! BE MOTIVATED! You’ll feel so good.


This is my favorite outfit for working out. Billabong top (could wear it all the time), H&M sports bra and leggings, Nike Free 5.0 sneakers (you’ll feel like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all – like flying). This is after a Freeletics workout so please excuse me looking a bit tired.




I started a little workout calendar where I plan the workouts of the following week. This week’s a bit different from most because I got two new tattoos this week and had to rest a bit.

Most of the time I use the Freeletics App which makes it all super easy.

The BEST inspiration for fitness and eating clean and healthy is Pinterest. I have an extra board for these things and just love browsing around (it’s mostly recipes, to be honest. I love food.). I’m already planning on taking Yoga classes when I’m done with the Freeletics Coach as a nice complement to the Freeletics workouts. MOVE, PEOPLE!