June through my iPhone


June was crazy. Do you know the feeling when a lot of free time is over and you were always really, really busy but looking back you can’t thing of anything you’ve done? That’s how I feel. 2014 is halfway over. Can you believe it? Enjoy my little Instagram recap.

An all black ootd. I’ve fallen back in love with wearing all black. Also those true fruits smoothies are SO delicious!

The night the boy and I made a “desert dinner” which was pretty good! Amazing atmosphere.

Another ootd.

Festungsflimmern! Open Air cinema in Würzburg on the fortress I showed you in this post. It was pretty cold but the film (“HER”) was so amazing, the location was perfect and just everything about that night was wonderful.

The most beautiful curtilage I’ve ever seen? This is actually a restaurant in Würzburg, the oldest one of them all if I’m not mistaking. It reminds me of Romeo&Juliet.

Vegan Birkenstocks! Oh, I am SO glad they exist! I’m still hoping for a vegan version of the Arizona.

I hope you liked the pictures? There’s more on my Instagram account. X