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Weekly Inspiration #11

Enjoy this week’s Pinterest favourites!

It’s ridiculous to say it because we’re having 27°C right now but I really, really want a coat exactly like tis one for autumn/winter. If you know where I can get one, let me know!

I wouldn’t wear this myself, I guess. But she looks pretty awesome, doesn’t she? Eyes, lips, hair – everything just fits perfectly.

Outline-less flowers on the chest. This is beautiful.

I need to get in shape for Freeletics again. I did my first Dione after almost a month today and just died of exhaustion during the workout. But I felt great afterwards!


This is so accurate. It made me laugh so much.

Show me your inspiration! X


Quitting is not an Option


I’ve already told you about Freeletics, didn’t I? Last week I finished my 15 weeks Cardio Coach. Before I started in January 2014 I didn’t like my body. After moving to Würzburg last year I had gained 10kg(!) and I just couldn’t look into the mirror without feeling uncomfortable with myself. So I decided to change something and the boyfriend told me about Freeletics. The concept is amazing. You train only with the weight of your body either at home or outside. The workouts are short but oh, so insanely tough and when I started I never thought I could go through with it even though I’d done some kinds of sports all my life! What kept me going throughout the 15 weeks was wanting to beat myself over and over again. Beating my PB, my Personal Best and doing that with a star every single time! I just loved the entire experience and guess what? I lost 9 kg. I am so much fitter and I’ve never felt so good in my body. Ever.
So many people have asked me about it when the progress got visible and some of them (7 or 8) started Freeletics themselves. If you’re thinking about loosing weight or just getting fitter and healthier, I MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!


Now that the first 15 weeks are over I still don’t just quit. Freeletics is a sense of life that I never want to loose again. I added Yoga classes and running to my weekly fitness program and it just feels amazing.

Let me show you some pictures.

I can’t believe I’m posting a picture of me looking like that on the internet. So yeah, that’s me before I started my journey. 1,68m and 62kg. That’s a BMI of 22. Normal, I know. But I just didn’t feel comfortable with myself.

after week 8
This is halfway through, that means after Week 8. I’d had lost 4 oder 5kg. Good already but I wanted more.

after week 15
Finished! After week 15. Minus 9kg which is 53kg at a height of 1,68m. That’s a BMI of 18 and I’m feeling quite amazing.

Here’s a direct comparison:
I have to admit that I am really proud of myself.

I just want to say THANK YOU, FREELETICS! You changed my life and you most definitely changed it for the better.


Don’t quit. Because you have to work for what you want. Good things never came from comfort zones. It’s easy as that. X


The first two pictures are copyright by Freeletics. I do NOT own them!


Spoiler: the message of this post is: move, guys. Doing sports is amazing and you’ll never feel better. A parol.

I’ve done quite some sports all my life. But never really, you know? Not as much as I do now. In January this year, when my final pair of trousers bursted because I’ve gotten pretty fat the previous few months, I decided that it’s time to change something. That’s when I started the Freeletics Cardio Coach. I’ll do a whole post on Freeletics in three weeks because that’s when I hill have finished the Coach. Just so much: it opened my eyes for movement and nutrition and I’ve never felt as good and healthy as I do now.

Eating clean is extremely important and even though it’s really hard sometimes (I’m a lover of everything sweet and, you should know) it pays off! Going on the sports ground five to six times a week has become an addiction and I already feel bad when I don’t move one day. Working in a hospital I walk around a lot but being active like that is a completely different thing and I just need to tell you:
DO SPORTS! BE ACTIVE! BE MOTIVATED! You’ll feel so good.


This is my favorite outfit for working out. Billabong top (could wear it all the time), H&M sports bra and leggings, Nike Free 5.0 sneakers (you’ll feel like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all – like flying). This is after a Freeletics workout so please excuse me looking a bit tired.




I started a little workout calendar where I plan the workouts of the following week. This week’s a bit different from most because I got two new tattoos this week and had to rest a bit.

Most of the time I use the Freeletics App which makes it all super easy.

The BEST inspiration for fitness and eating clean and healthy is Pinterest. I have an extra board for these things and just love browsing around (it’s mostly recipes, to be honest. I love food.). I’m already planning on taking Yoga classes when I’m done with the Freeletics Coach as a nice complement to the Freeletics workouts. MOVE, PEOPLE!